Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Webcam Chat, Female Bodybuilders

webcam chat female bodybuilder
So last week I ventured into the world of webcam chat with female bodybuilders. Yes, I'd done adult chats before, but never like this. I don't know about you, but I live in an area where I see precious few female bodybuilders. I've lived in my town (San Francisco) for five years; I've seen one slightly muscled chick out and about, none at my gym. So I'd always dreamed about meeting one in the flesh.

Webcams to the rescue! True, it's not like meeting one live, but the webcam chats present a private experience to get to interact with a real female bodybuilder. I think it's less lame too -- I mean, if I met one out and about, I'd feel like I were stalking her. But online, it's not real. They are acting a part, you can act a part. Me, I'm interested in training routines, best lifts, and some of their day-to-day experiences assocated with having heaps of muscle. So that's what I ask about. They flex a bit, show off their guns, and the webcam chat gives more of us a real opportunity to get to know them.

I'm curious what sites everybody uses for webcam chats with female bodybuilders? If you could respond in the comments, that'd be great. I plan to use this site to pull together highlights and stories -- maybe some screen captures -- from some of my chats. I hope you'll contribute. (photo courtesy

- Paul